Advent in Zagreb 2016 - Where to take the kids and what to see?


Advent in Zagreb, which everyone is looking forward to, both small and large, begins on Saturday, November 26 and will last, along with New Year's events until January 8, 2017. The festive program will begin with the traditional opening of Advent on Zrinjevac and the European Square, lighting of decorative lamps, the opening of the Ice Park on Tomislav Square, the Zagreb Christmas Fairy Tale on the main square of Zagreb and many other events.

During Advent, Zagreb offers a han
dful of events and manifestations, something for everyone. Therefore, do not let the children wait for Santa by the fireplace, find him in the capital because we are convinced that he has prepared a handful of surprises for the youngest, but also for the slightly older.

Ice Park on Tomislavac

ice park at tomislavac zrinjevac zagreb
Do they enjoy your kids on the ice? If so, then be sure to take them to the magical winter idyll on the ice of the legendary Tomislavac. In addition to the sounds of good music, they will be greeted by the smells and tastes of various gastronomic delicacies as well as numerous cultural events. If, on the other hand, your kid is not skilled with skates, he can always enroll in a skating school held within the Ice Park.

At Rudolf's - Strossmayer Square

The main hero of the magic at Rudolf is, of course, Santa's favorite helper - Rudolf, who will welcome his guests on Strossmayer Square, take pictures with them, refer them to daily events, invite them to sing on stage. Numerous other activities are planned for the youngest, such as art and science workshops, pony riding, singing performances by school choirs, puppet shows, cartoons, Santa Claus, Christmas tree decorations. Every day from 11.00 to 18.00 the program will be dedicated to children up to 12 years, and from 18.00 to midnight to adults.

New Advent - New Zagreb (MSU) and Santa's Ice Fairy

As part of the New Advent, in addition to MSU, there will be about 15 houses with gastronomic offer of the most famous restaurants in Zagreb, and all visitors can expect an entertainment program, as well as workshops for children. The fair will become the Ice Fairy of Santa Claus, which will house Santa's castle, more than 30 Eskimo igloos, an outdoor stage for events and concerts and a large ice rink. In the magical castle of Santa Claus, there will be Magic Tours, intended for children of preschool and school age, they will listen to joyful Christmas fairy tales, wrap themselves and arrange gifts together with elves.

A story from Grič - Advent on Vranicani's meadow

The space on Vranicanijeva poljana in the Upper Town will be decorated in the style of the Forest of Stribor's Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, and such will be the catering and souvenir offer. However, the organizers also thought of your little ones, so they have prepared a number of children's programs for them, such as painting workshops and reading fairy tales by the famous Ogulin writer.

Live Christmas cribs

When the zinc rings, the living nativity scene on Kaptol will stage an atmosphere of events that have changed human history. All visitors to this Advent will have the opportunity to see what a live Christmas crib looks like. The manger, the barn, the citizens of Bethlehem, the domestic animals, the sages from the East and the shepherds will take you to the time of Jesus ’birth and give Advent a special atmosphere. This unique project was conceived by the girls and boys of the Cenacolo community who were once on the edge of life.