Advent in Zagreb has not been canceled!


A few days ago, the media spread the news that Advent in Zagreb, the most visited Zagreb event that attracts tens of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists, had been canceled. We checked this information in the City of Zagreb, where they told us that it was a matter of misinformation, and that Advent would be held in Zagreb, but adapted to the situation. There will be no luxury for which it was declared one of the best Advent fairs in Europe, but the citizens of Zagreb will still be able to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

- We'll have all the information by Friday. We are thinking about unburdening the city center and spreading Advent across the city quarters. Advent certainly remains on Zrinjevac, Strossmayer Square and Tomislav Square, and we will remove houses from the surrounding streets where the terraces of our caterers are. This is an agreement with the caterers - said the mayor of Zagreb Milan Bandiฤ‡ during the weekend and added that everything will take place in compliance with epidemiological measures.

Advent in Zagreb has not been canceled 2020

We know at which locations this year's Advent in Zagreb will be held

The most magical time of the year is approaching, so these days there is a lot of talk about Advent, Christmas fairs and what it will all look like this year, given the current epidemiological situation. Whether Advent will take place and what it will look like in Zagreb is a question that many would like to know the answer to, so many were saddened by media reports that it was canceled this year. But it turned out to be misinformation. Namely, Advent in Zagreb will be held, but not in the way we are used to.

A few days ago, Mayor Milan Bandiฤ‡ stated that they are still thinking about how to organize Advent in Zagreb this year and adapt it to the current situation. And on the official website of the event there is a notice that more information will be known soon.

Advent in Zagreb 2020

What is known so far is that the house in the city center will not be in as many numbers as before because we are going to relieve the center as much as possible. Instead, there is an idea to spread Advent to other parts of Zagreb. Locations in the center where we will surely enjoy the Christmas magic this year as well are Zrinjevac, Strossmayer Square and Tomislavac, while the house on the surrounding streets where the terraces of caterers will be will not be.

What exactly this year's Advent in Zagreb will look like should be known by the end of the week, so we will certainly monitor the situation and inform you about it in time.

Advent in Zagreb has not been canceled zagabriaChristmas fairs in Europe

Due to the corona situation, many European cities have canceled the holding of Christmas fairs, and those that have not, are working on the organization to ensure that everything is in line with epidemiological measures.

Last week, it was officially confirmed that one of the most beautiful Christmas fairs in Europe - the one in Vienna - will be held from 13 November to 26 December with special measures. Visitors will have to wear protective masks, a maximum of four people will be able to be at the table, disinfectant dispensers will be available, and indoor activities will be canceled. The official opening of the Vienna Advent story should take place on November 13 at the traditionally largest and most famous Christmas fair in front of the town hall. Through the beautifully lit park in front of the town hall, the famous outdoor skating rink will once again meander this year, and a popular tree decorated with hundreds of luminous hearts will be placed in the park again.
Apart from Vienna, the fairs in Graz and Salzburg, which will also take place this year, are very popular in Austria. In Germany, the situation varies from city to city, and the story is similar in France. Paris has canceled all Christmas fairs, and the famous Advent destination Strasbourg will not set up stands in the city center this year. London has canceled its most famous fair in Hyde Park, and there will be no fair in Budapest this year in Vรถrรถsmarty Square.

BECAUSE of the epidemiological situation, the classic Advent will not be held in Zagreb this year. There will be no Ice Park on Tomislavac, which is why Zagreb has been declared the best Advent destination in the world for three years in a row. ate cooked sausages and other food.

For this reason, the caterers are asking to be allowed to place a part of their terraces that was fenced with plexiglass and where they could offer guests mulled wine, sausages or some other dish.

The City of Zagreb gave the caterers permission to do so, but as Marin Medak, president of the National Association of Caterers, said at a press conference today, they only need the approval of the Ministry of Tourism, which has not yet arrived.

Medak said that they are still waiting for the approval of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports

However, it is learned that the Ministry of Tourism and Sports will allow caterers to place a part on their terraces during the Advent event in Zagreb (which takes place this year from November 28 to January 1) in which they will prepare special drinks or food, that is, the one they do not otherwise offer.
โ€œWe will adjust so that people have the opportunity to consume mulled wine in a cafรฉ near their home, we have got it that all citizens have the spirit of Advent in their part,โ€ Medak said.
Medak: Guests stay indoors for the winter, we wanted to address this problem

Medak later said that they had sent a letter to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports asking him to give a positive opinion on the temporary installation of catering equipment in the outdoor service area without the need to obtain a new solution. This means that a caterer who has the right to use the same or similar equipment at another location within the existing facility is allowed on the basis of a decision on performing catering activities.

"The coming period and weather conditions characteristic of the second half of autumn and winter are extremely unfavorable for the operation of catering facilities in the midst of the current pandemic. It is an indisputable fact that guests will try to stay indoors, which is not epidemiologically advisable. The City of Zagreb has concluded that the only solution at the moment is to provide the guest with an outdoor stay in compliance with all measures, "said Medak, stating that they sent the same in a request to the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, from which, he told us, .

After today's press conference, we received a response from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports in which they confirmed that they had received a request from the National Association of Caterers on Friday, November 6, 2020 for an opinion on temporarily allowing the installation of catering equipment in the outdoor service area. obtaining a new solution, until the repeal of the Decision on declaring an epidemic of COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, adopted by the Ministry of Health on March 11, 2020.
The Ministry of Tourism gives them permission only for the duration of Advent

They state that the stated opinion is sought for Advent events in the city of Zagreb. It has been confirmed to us that exceptionally during the Advent event in Zagreb, caterers will be able to provide outdoor services, with the consent of the local government.

"Article 12 of the Law on Catering Activities prescribes the performance of catering activities outside the catering facility. Pursuant to Article 12, paragraph 1 of the said Act, caterers may occasionally, during events, fairs, special events and the like, provide catering services outside their catering facility. services, in accordance with the already obtained decision of the competent administrative body, ie the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, with the approval of the local self-government unit.The caterer could of course provide the service for which he has obtained the decision. With personal responsibility, we protect our own health and the health of our environment, but we also contribute to the functioning of everyday business processes and the preservation of jobs, "reads the response of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.