Good Reason To Visit Lovely Zagreb


Zagreb, Croatia, is one of Europe’s most exciting destinations in the world. Far from being confined to museums and formal restaurants and galleries, life in Zagreb (Zagabria) is lived on the streets of the city itself, with public art, street food, and majestic green parks delighting locals and tourists alike in all four seasons. We’ve rounded up ten things that make a trip to Zagreb (Croatia) one you won’t soon forget.

Zagreb's Coffee Culture Is Like Being In a Friend’s Outdoor Living Room and people like it

An invite to ‘grab coffee’ in Zagreb means so much more than a quick cup of java—the ritual often lasting hours. As soon as the first day of spring hits, the city moves outdoors, with each cafe—with places like Cogito, 42 Coffee Co, and Teneo Coffee Shop serving everything from espresso to cafe au lait—acting as a stop along a promenade where friends gather, families explore, and visitors are welcomed into the fold. Don’t miss the špica, or the peak, a Saturday morning ritual where natives and tourists alike take to the pedestrianized streets between Ban Jelačić Square and Petar Preradović Square to sip coffee while catching up on the week and planning their next adventures.