The charms of Zagreb autumn


The charms of Zagreb autumn - gorgeous nature, the most delicious fruits and endless forest expanses

Autumn is knocking at the door and brings a completely different experience of Zagreb and its surroundings - take advantage of the days ahead that are still warm, but not as unbearably steamy as summer, enjoy the gorgeous and golden nature, inhale the smell of roasted chestnuts and discover the charms of delicious autumn fruits.

The charms of Zagreb autumn
There is something special in the autumn rustling of leaves as you pass through Zrinjevac, the songs of street singers in the heart of the city, parks bathed in the sun where you can soak up the scents of autumn and enjoy the enchanting colors of nature. Take advantage of the period ahead to discover the beauties of autumn in the metropolis and dare to have new experiences of collecting forest fruits that you will want to turn into a tradition.

The most recognizable symbol of autumn
When the smell of roasted chestnuts starts to spread through the streets, you know that the real autumn has arrived. Chestnut trees adorn parks and gardens with their rich canopies, and their fragrant and delicious fruits are a favorite of many thanks to their special structure and sweet and mild taste. We believe you have had the opportunity to taste this autumn delicacy so far, but have you ever tried your hand at picking them?

The end of September and the beginning of October are the ideal period for picking chestnuts, which seems to be when the fruit falls from the tree and when the prickly cocoon in which there is a little brown. Passionate pickers prefer to choose chestnut forests along Medvednica, but you can find chestnuts in the forests above almost all Zagreb settlements under the mountain, so you can pick them above Mikulić, Kustošija, Dotrščina or Bizek, and the most experienced will tell you that the sweetest ones are above Markuševac and Trnave. However, if you decide to go to the forest, you need a permit to pick chestnuts, and you can request it in person, by mail or e-mail at the branch of Croatian Forests to which you belong. The annual permit is issued free of charge, and you can pick up to 10 kilograms of chestnuts a day for personal use. If, on the other hand, you prefer to "get it done" and enjoy chestnuts picked and prepared by experienced hands, you will find popular chestnuts like the one in Zelina all over Zagreb and its surroundings. With a tradition of over two decades, this chestnut festival in Kladeščica near the mountain lodge of the same name is characterized by joint picking and roasting of chestnuts with socializing and tasting of numerous specialties. During the chestnut festival, you will be able to see the medieval fortress of Zelingrad with the expert guidance of the Knights of Zelingrad and walk along the educational trail and enjoy the entertainment program.