The Zagreb Tourist Board and Equinox in an augmented reality bring the atmosphere of Advent Zagreb throughout the city


With the free Equinox XR application on Android and iPhone phones, it is possible to experience the unique contents of Advent Zagreb in augmented reality at more than 20 locations in Zagreb, as well as in Split, Osijek, Rijeka and Pula.

The Zagreb Tourist Board (TZGZ) in cooperation with Equinox Vision, a Croatian startup that develops the Equinox platform for easy publishing of augmented reality content, enabled the citizens of Zagreb, Split, Osijek, Rijeka and Pula to enjoy specially created Advent Zagreb content. These are author's illustrations by Zoran ĐukiΔ‡ with motifs of Zagreb's Advent Old Town windows presented through an open-air exhibition entitled "Virtual Christmas Windows". Equinox has turned them into animated and interactive three-dimensional AR (Augmented Reality) objects that users draw in augmented reality on their smartphone screen. Anyone who has a smartphone can see and interact with three-dimensional window illustrations via the free Equinox XR app on site. Thus, users can see them with a mobile phone camera at: Rijeka's Korzo, Split's Prokurative and Gaja Bulat Square, Osijek's TvrΔ‘a and Pula's Golden Gate, and in Zagreb at about 20 locations such as Ban JelačiΔ‡ Square, King Tomislav Square, Lake Jarun and Bundek, the park Maksimir and others (map of all locations is available here: Just install the app from Google and Apple stores (link for Android:, link for iPhone: and go to one of the locations where Advent content is posted . Users of the application can share their personal experience of the exhibition and interaction with the set AR objects on social networks.

Zagreb Tourist Board and Equinox in an augmented reality bring the atmosphere of Advent Zagreb throughout the city

In this way, the multi-award winning Advent Zagreb and TZGZ became a technological leader that recognized AR, ie augmented reality, and the Equinox platform as a technology that can offer added value and interactivity to the existing tourism product. "Given that the current epidemiological situation does not allow greater realization of tourist traffic and that Advent Zagreb is held in a different form than in previous years, with" Virtual Christmas Windows "we bring a breath of our Advent atmosphere that we can all responsibly enjoy. As people spend more time in their neighborhoods, this year's Advent motifs can be found in the wider area of ​​Zagreb. In addition, we are present in four Croatian cities because we want to present at least a part of Advent to all those who cannot travel. We have to adapt the tourist offer to the newly created conditions, and such innovations enable us to create additional value, attractiveness, but also the appearance of our most famous tourist product, "said Martina Bienenfeld, director of the Zagreb Tourist Board. "The power of the Equinox platform lies in the easy and fast publishing of a variety of animated and interactive AR content - photos, videos, 3D characters - that can be viewed on smartphones, the most widespread devices that everyone has in their pocket. Unlike one-time AR applications that are time-consuming and painstakingly developed for each AR project separately from scratch, the Equinox platform enables daily publishing of AR content in a way close to that of social networks, "said Ivan Voras, co-founder of Equinox Vision.