TOUGH MUDDER For the first time in Zagreb


TOUGH MUDDER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ZAGREB, CROATIA The biggest test of endurance and strength with a humanitarian character: Thousands of people have to overcome 5 km of obstacles

Bundek and sports activities have always gone together. This time, however, we present a different sports experience, which will enrich you by socializing through interesting physical activity.

Tough Mudder is the most fun and popular endurance challenge in the world, and in just a few days it will be held for the first time at Zagreb's Bundek, where more than a thousand participants will test their strength and endurance limits, with the help of their teams. will overcome demanding and fun Tough Mudder obstacles.

- It is an adventurous, team sport that takes place in a large area, with super innovative obstacles that are overcome with teamwork. The sport itself is quite attractive, but the positive energy of the team that encourages, lifts and helps you in moments of indecision is unavoidable - says Marko Martinović, who through negotiations with leading people behind the Tough Mudder concept received a license to bring Tough Mudder to Croatia . He is proud that Croatia is the fourth European country in which Tough Mudder will be represented, in addition to Ireland, Germany and Great Britain.

TOUGH MUDDER For the first time in Zagreb
Initial level

More than 3.5 million people around the world have participated in the Tough Mudder Challenges since 2010, and why this sporting challenge is so popular will be revealed by more than a thousand Croatian participants who will experience it on October 11 and 12 in Zagreb at Bundek. Tough Mudder 5K Urban.

- This is the initial level of the sport, a level that can be passed without training and a level that is suitable for various forms of sports, such as team building - explains Martinovic, adding that the most important elements of this level of Tough Mudder, in fact, socializing and enjoying the race, which they like to call a “challenge”.

- At that level, there is no timekeeping, but there is a lot of helping other competitors, and even making new friendships. The atmosphere at this challenge will be festival-like, and I personally met her at a Tough Mudder event in London, where I also went to get to know the concept better - continues Martinović about a fast-growing sport to which giants like Microsoft and Google send their managers.

Five kilometers filled with innovative obstacles will provide thousands of participants with an unforgettable sports and life experience. This challenge is unique because it is not a race, there is no time measurement and ranking, but the most important teamwork, and after the sports part of the event, there is a continuation of fun with food, drinks, great music and festival atmosphere.

In addition to all this, Tough Mudder has a humanitarian character, so each participant will have the opportunity to help the action "5 by 5 for a warmer world". Five kuna from each ticket sold will be donated for firewood for poor Croatian families, all in cooperation with the Society for Improving the Quality of Life of Poor and Homeless Children "Little Dragon".

For a wider audience

Martinović claims that the appearance of Tough Mudder in Croatia will not only serve sports, but also tourism.

- This entry level challenge that we are introducing to Croatia for the first time within the 5K Urban event is adapted to a wider audience, so it is to be assumed that European fans of Tough Mudder will also come to try themselves at our event in Zagreb. And otherwise at major Tough Mudder events around the world in which between 10 and 15 thousand people participate, at least 30 percent of foreigners come. The fact that as many as 95 percent of people who experience the Tough Mudder event for the first time want to participate in it again speaks volumes about how many Tough Mudder fans there are - explains Martinović.

The motto of Tough Mudder of the Zagreb challenge is "With a team you can do everything", and the organizers invite you to gather your friends, colleagues and relatives and sign up for this attractive event. Tickets can be purchased through the website, and for more information, photos and videos on the Tough Mudder challenges, visit

Tough Mudder Inc. founded in 2010 by Will Dean and Guy Livingstone.

Each Tough Mudder challenge tests the fitness, strength, endurance, mental fitness and teamwork of the participants. In 2019, Tough Mudder will organize more than 50 events in countries around the world, and as many as six million users follow them on Facebook. By the way, the challenges are also shown on the biggest sports televisions, and more than 10 million dollars have been raised so far for humanitarian purposes through events around the world.