Wild Zagreb: If you want to see a heron or a fox, you don't have to go to the zoo, sometimes it's enough to just walk around the city!


Wild Zagreb: If you want to see a heron or a fox, you don't have to go to the zoo, sometimes it's enough to just walk around the city!

If you think that there are no other animals living in the city except cats, dogs, pigeons, sparrows, swallows and maybe some rats, you are wrong. The city is full of various interesting animal species! On canals and streams, ducks have already become full citizens, and their families in the city are growing every year. On the Kuniščak and Črnomerec streams, which intersect Prilaz Baruna Filipovića, Siva Čaplja is a frequent guest and citizens who are not used to the scene stop curiously almost every day trying to store the scene in the memory of their smartphones.

Many will now be amazed, but the people of Zagreb deal with foxes every day, and this season wild boars are especially friendly. Although they don't like 'ducks' like ducks and herons, they usually only roam the outskirts of the city, but they are much bolder, for example deer. Tomislav Baća from the zoo in Zagreb told us that last year they even hunted one in St. Mark's Square in order to divert it to its habitat from which it 'wandered'.

“Due to the daily expansion of the city, the intrusion of game into the city space has increased. Through the implementation of the game protection program, we take care of the game in the area of ​​the city of Zagreb. According to the law on hunting, this program also includes species that are not on the list of game, but which are protected or strictly protected species. We of course know that there are such animals every day in the city, precisely in those areas where they come close to the water, where there are large green areas, on the edge of the forest, in meadows, and we are currently dealing with animals that are unhappy doing what we do in collaboration with our catcher that is, the intervention service ", explains Baća.

He adds that animals that live inside the city, and it is nothing to them, must not be disturbed, and his colleague, an educator from the zoo, Tomislav Krizmanić, warns about the same.

"People should disturb such animals as little as possible. They don't need help, they can live there alone, if there is no food they will go where there is. When people see a heron in the city, they think that it urgently needs help. That is not the case, she has wings and she will leave if it doesn't suit her ", he warns.

And there are really many animals in Zagreb. From the west to the east of the city, as soon as we move away from the narrower center, the chance that we will meet a furry or feathered creature grows sharply. Thus, our interlocutors explain that martens, hedgehogs, squirrels, skunks, down, and a whole wealth of birds are very common on Maksimir. Herons and wild ducks live in both Jarun settlements and Črnomerec, and those on Maksmiri are probably the most famous in the city. The west of the city is especially rich in animal inhabitants, and there some wild animals have already become so domesticated that the mad have begun to consider them domestic.

“Hunting grounds are starting on the outskirts of the city of Zagreb. Zagreb is bordered along its entire length by hunting grounds and the Medvednica Nature Park. Lately we have, for example, an intensified intrusion of wild boars. It is exclusively in the outskirts of the city such as Markuševac, Stenjevac, Susedgrad, Gajnice or Gornji Vrapče. But, in accordance with the law, we try to suppress it as much as possible ", explains Baća and notes that there is no reason for citizens to be too excited about wild animals about non-dangerous species, such as the increasingly common fox.

"In the area of ​​the city of Zagreb, you have a lot of people who are literally disturbed by foxes, and that is primarily out of ignorance about the biology of that animal. The fox is not an animal that is aggressive and will attack children or humans, so there is not much danger here. In addition, no cases of rabies have been recorded in our country since 2010, and oral vaccination is carried out every year, so that rabies from the area of ​​Zagreb and Zagreb County has practically disappeared. Nevertheless, I receive daily reports related to the appearance of a fox, deer or some other animal. Often people call and say, ‘We saw a fox at the edge of the forest’. And where should it be than at the edge of the woods? We inhabited their land and not ours, ”explains Baća.