Zagreb Film Festival ends in online edition: The best film ‘Oasis’! See other benefactors as well


Zagreb Film Festival ends in online edition: The best film ‘Oasis’! See other benefactors as well

The film "Oasis" by Serbian director Ivan Ikić was named the best feature film of this year's online edition of the Zagreb Film Festival (ZFF), which ended yesterday after eight days filled with films and a large response from viewers. The best short film is French "Dustin" by Naïle Guiguet, the Golden Trolley for the best Croatian short film was won by Sara Grgurić for the film "In the Forest", and the Golden Bicycle by Danilo Šerbedžija for the film "Tereza37" was announced on Sunday through the online awards ceremony. Ikic's film, a story of a love triangle set in a home for young people with special needs, who also plays the main characters, won the Golden Trolley and 4,000 euros, for a portrait of those who have been isolated all their lives to something.

The jury assessed that this achievement goes beyond the category of the best film and the limits of the best actors, and "through the process itself it lends a hand to those who need it most, giving them the opportunity not only to become outstanding actors but also to express and show that love takes a little and that they are capable of it. ” "The Golden Trolley Award goes to the director and his team who managed not to betray the trust they have gained so that they will be the ones to convey to the world the cry of those that no one wants to hear," the explanation reads.

Ikić thanked the jury for recognizing their work and rewarding it, as well as the audience who looked at it. "I'm sorry I couldn't receive the award in person and show the film in the cinema, but I hope that in the coming years we will be able to make up for it and see you soon at a new screening of Oasis," he said.

The jury of the feature program included Serbian director and last year's ZFF winner Ivana Mladenović, Slovak screenwriter, director and producer Marko Škop and Slovenian director Damjan Kozole. Croatian cinematographer and director Rino Barbir, Serbian director Stefan Đorđević and Montenegrin producer Ivan Đurović decided on the best from the international short film program and the national short program Kockice.

The Golden Trolley for Best International Short Film and a Thousand Euros was awarded to the French film "Dustin" by director Naïle Guiguet, for "an authentic portrayal of a group of ravers whose emotions escalate as the party and after draws to a close." He described it as "an exciting yet melancholy film imbued with a tense, documentary depiction of the breakup of a love affair with the author's almost insider view of the queer scene in Paris." A special award in the category of international short film was given to the Colombian-American film “Between You and Milagros” directed by Mariane Saffon. The winner of the Golden Trolley in the Kockice program is the film "In the Forest" by Sara Grgurić, an intimate portrait of the love of two young people who lost their relationship with each other in search of themselves.

Zagreb Film Festival ends in online edition

"Because of the naturalness and subtlety of the acting, the unobtrusiveness of the aesthetics that draws us into the emotion of the film and the need to articulate and express personal feelings, this film awakens something special in us," said the jury in the explanation of the award. thousand. Special recognition in the Dice category goes to the film "I'm not telling you anything, I'm just saying" directed by Sanja Milardović. Danilo Šerbedžija's film "Tereza37", written by the main actress Lana Barić, won the Golden Bicycle according to the audience's choice in the program Again with Us, with a grade of 9.25.

As part of this year's Zagreb Film Festival, the international children's film festival KinoKino was exceptionally held, the best films of which were decided by two juries - professional and children's. The award for the best film was given by the professional jury to the Australian film "S as Happiness" by John Sheedy, and the children's to the Austrian "Oscar and Lilli, Where Nobody Knows Us" by Arash T. Riahi, which also won the Audience Award. The professional jury included producer and director Marina Andree Škop, head of the educational program of the Rijeka Art Cinema Barbara Zupičić and actor Frano Mašković. The jury explained that "S as Happiness" is a visually magical and imaginative film that "fills with warmth and joy even though it deals with a serious topic, spreads optimism and happiness in each of its shots and is a dedication to selflessness and boundless children's optimism and enthusiasm."

A special award was given by the jury to the Dutch children's film "Jackie and Oopjen" by Annemarie van de Mond. The children's jury included Petra Bokun, Lun Val Sakoman, Lars Štern, Martin Šamanović and Nora Weygand, who said of their laureate that he is “realistic and has a deep lesson, awakens empathy for people who are exiled and live differently than we do, and they are all around us. ” Within the program of ZFF Industry, the short film "Gift" directed by Isidora Ratković and produced by Ines Radić was declared the best project at this year's pitching forum of Industry Mladost !. The awarded students of the Academy of Performing Arts Sarajevo won the award for consulting, project development and three days of work in the studio on the production of post-production images (Poster), production of a film poster (Šesnić & Turković) and 1000 euros of production funds (Zagreb Film Festival).

In the expert panel of the pitching forum, six projects were evaluated by Tom Vujnović (Poster), Goran Turković (Šesnić & Turković) and Ewa Bojanowska (New Europe Film Sales).

This year’s 18th ZFF was held due to the pandemic entirely online, with about a hundred films screened in several programs, including Industry, which hosted a large number of professionals from around the world. "When we started this completely different and unusual edition a week ago, we didn't know what it would all look like, but we can say that we are very satisfied," said ZFF director Boris T. Matic, adding that the audience response exceeded their expectations. . "If we assume that some screenings were watched by two or more people at home, we can conclude that today we are closing another one-record edition of ZFF," he said. Matic says that they received a lot of photos of people who watched movies at home, while the films of the KinoKino festival were watched in an organized manner in some primary schools.

Festival executive director Hrvoje Laurenta pointed out that they had more viewers than they would have if they had shown films in cinemas with reduced capacity due to the pandemic, and only tonight will it be known how the films fared in other cities in Croatia where the festival was hosted. this year. Until tonight at 11 pm on, and you can still watch all the films from the international competition program and the Kockice program, as well as a selection of films from the competition program Ponovno s nama and the accompanying program of Big 5.